Capabilities & Services


Some of the most respected names in homebuilding trust the most respected name in drywall.

Troughout Skagit, Island, Whatcom & Snohomish Counties, homebuilders and homeowners alike have relied on Valley Drywall for consistent craftsmanship, exceptional friendly service, and virtually guaranteed on-time job completion.

We offer a variety of finished products from spray on textures such as orange & knock down, to hand textures of varying thicknesses and patterns and finally the traditional smooth wall finish. You will also have the choice of three different styles of corner trims – the soft look of rounded corners, the classic look of square corners and the modern look of beveled (champhered) corners.

Valley Drywall earns its reputation through the expert work of dedicated employees.

In an industry fraught with turnover, Valley Drywall boasts several long-term employees who love what they do and bring a wealth of knowledge and efficiency to every project.


Dedication to service excellence solves problems —
on the front end and the back end.

To serve you better, Valley Drywall communicates effectively with project managers and the other trades on each job site, making sure that everything goes smoothly and stays on schedule. All of Valley Drywall's finishers are in constant contact with their supervisors, so any issues that come up can be addressed immediately.

Valley Drywall's goal with any project is to do things right the first time. This removes the hassle of waiting until after the paint's been applied, the carpet's been installed, and the furniture's been moved in to solve problems.

Professional follow through, even after move-in

Should an issue arise after move-in, Valley Drywall has the procedures in place to deal with your homeowners courteously and professionally.

Valley Drywall's repair and customer care team is always on call and ready to assist you, and you can rely on the capabilities and cleanliness of Valley Drywall's friendly technicians.

You can expect Valley Drywall to:

  • Respond to all calls in a timely manner
  • Keep a tight appointment schedule